1. Anti Scrunti Faction - Writhe Like Worms

  2. Chavas Panda

  3. Dee Dee Ramone - In A Movie

  4. Francis Haines ― Trioxin 2-4-5 (Remix)

  5. Grass Widow - Unbelievable

  6. Los Bubble Gummers - Golpe De Suerte

  7. Recuerdas
    Seguimos Perdiendo

  8. Sloppy Seconds ― I Don't Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

  9. The Catalogs - Nice Girls Don't...

  10. The Connie Dungs - Turntable

  11. The Pick 'n Flicks - What Wouldn't You Do

  12. Zafarla

  13. Drunken Cholos ― I didn't Jerk

  14. Plasmatics - Head Banger

  15. addictedit

  16. Judy Blume Weekend
    The Bonaduces

  17. Nothing At All
    (Toxic Avenger Soundtrack) Race

  18. God is Love
    Natasha Szuber

  19. (Don't Fear) the Reaper

  20. We're The Toxic Crusaders

  21. El Virus Del Poder

  22. Intrepidos Punks
    Three Souls in My Mind

  23. When I Was On Top of You

  24. Klown Kamp Massacre

  25. My Dog He Licks Me...He Keeps My Body Clean

  26. Tough Fuckin' Shit
    Tunnel Rats

  27. John Farely 13:13
    Brandon Light Barthrop

  28. Gentle Messages
    Stacy Denboer

  29. Raggare is a Bunch of Motherfuckers
    The Rude Kids

  30. High School Girlz (Live)
    Sloppy Seconds

  31. Anonymous

  32. Meyer Girl
    Sloppy Seconds

  33. Starry Eyes
    Roky Erickson

  34. Squeaky Clean

  35. Emotional Refugee
    David Behennah

  36. Dear God No!
    Pine Forest Perambulators

  37. We Are The Universe
    [Troma] Father's Day Soundtrack

  38. EVP strange sounds from beyond

  39. Last Caress Movie Theme
    François Gaillard, Christophe Robin

  40. Stacy

  41. Treevenge
    Rob Cotterill, Jason Eisener

  42. Dramatization Score
    Joshua film

  43. Rambo Rat
    The Queers

  44. Scrooged Theme
    Danny Elfman

  45. Santa Monica Blvd Boy
    Linnea Quigley

  46. Stiv Bators - Russian Roulette
    Lords of the New Church

  47. Deans Dream
    Dead Milkmen

  48. Runaround
    Dead Milkmen

  49. Baila Mi Cumbia
    Los Tremendos Sepultureros y Dulce Rosario

  50. The Hot Nasties – The Invasion Of The Tribbles

  51. I Already Got A Fool
    PuKe SpiT & GuTs

  52. Please Search The Book Again

  53. Fire Fall
    Kandi Bahr


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